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Productivity Utilities
Developer: Timo Korinth

NATTT is your tracking mate. It helps you keep track of your work and time you have spent.

Its free, available on every platform, easy and fun to use and itll remind you automatically to track your time.

NATTT is the simplest and fastest way to track your time. Just create a new task or use an existing task to track your time. And if you would like to get an overview, just go to the calendar or export your data.

You want features? Here you go:
- Multi-Platform. NATTT is a multi-platform application running on every device and OS.
- Live Sync. Automatically sync your data across all your devices in real time.
- Offline. It still works, even if you lost connection. If you are back online, itll automatically sync your data.
- Ease Of Use. We would like to create the easiest to use time tracking tool which is also fun to use. See the minimalistic design and animations in real live.